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Education Advisory and Consulting

Our consultants are senior members from UK Higher and Further Education who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to international institutions and governments wishing to develop programmes and policy.

Consulting assignments are always tailored to the client’s needs and requirements. They can focus on very defined, individual areas requiring leadership or management to a broader ‘end-to-end’ service where the client may assign responsibility for the delivery of a complete project.

Specialist consulting areas include,

Market development for UK Institutions

  • Middle East and North Africa
  • India

Project management

  • Education 3.0 - Collaborative Learning using Technology
  • Multi-media learning content development
  • iTunesU – site development

Programme development for international institutions

  • Vocational programmes
  • Foundation programmes
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Business programmes

Quality Assurance & Accreditation for international institutions

  • Advising on embedding QA procedures within the institution
  • Advising on UK accreditation and validation
  • Developing an appropriate and relevant accreditation framework to comply and be compatible with UK University requirements
  • Conducting Post-accreditation reviews and training

Talent Management

“Talent is everywhere and in everyone. Ask not if a person is talented, ask how is this person talented.”

Sharmeen Maladwala, Director

Nurturing and developing talent is a process that requires the understanding of an individual’s strengths and potential weaknesses, their personal success motivators and their career ambitions. Managing Talent is about guiding a person through the relevant educational journey and then getting them to take responsibility for directing their own experiential learning, qualifications and personal growth and development.

Services offered by British Professional Education,

  • Personality Profiling and Psychometric testing
  • Structured career guidance programmes delivered to students and company staff
  • Coaching and Mentoring

BPE is able to advise on web based Talent Management systems that allow companies to manage staff profiles and record an individual’s qualifications, training and professional development.